Intelli Hitch 2.0 Brake Control System

Intelli-Hitch 2.0 Brake Control System


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Intelli-Hitch 2.0 comes complete with the best trailer brake controller in the industry. 2" Shaft to fit most trucks. Both 2 & 2 5/16 balls. 15,000 lb rating. Sleek and durable black powder coat finish. 1 Year limited warranty, with an additional lifetime warranty on the inner components. And finally the comfort in knowing that each Intelli-Hitch was hand built in Texas, USA.


Dimensions & Layout

Intelli-Hitch is the best hitch for towing and is also the best trailer brake controller on the market. This is why. IH is a position sensing electric brake controller. The IH system senses the forward movement of the trailer, with respect to the towing vehicle, and applies appropriate voltage to the trailer brakes to keep the trailer where it belongs. The trailer brakes are applied proportionally based on the movement relationship between the trailer and tow vehicle – not just the manual pressing of the brake pedal. In a nutshell; If there is tension between the tow vehicle and trailer, you're just towing the trailer, however, when the trailer "creeps" towards the towing vehicle, IH's internal movement measuring system reacts by applying the trailer brakes, proportionately, smoothly, and correctly, until equilibrium is reached. 

If there's compression between the trailer and towing vehicle, the trailer is trying to "push" the vehicle and brakes are needed - and IH seamlessly takes care of it. The greater the trailers force on the towing vehicle, the more intense the braking commands that are sent to the trailer. Reacting is milliseconds, IH can sense, calculate, and apply the appropriate braking voltages to the trailers braking system.

When towing downhill using lower gear or downhill speed stability systems, the IH will correct the trailers "push" on the vehicle without even touching the vehicles brake pedal. By sensing the trailers movement towards the tow vehicle IH can correct many situations without the driver even knowing that it's happening. 

That's Intelligent Braking - and IH has the smarts! The following diagrams outline the general mechanical attributes of the Intelli-Hitch series products.

Features & Technical Data:

Frame - welded steel construction with internal polyurethane shock absorption system Ball foot (ball mount): welded steel construction, powder coated. I-Channel: Standard 3" i.d. w/ .625 pins on 1" centers. I-Channel Adjustment: 11 pin holes, 3rd pin at C/L of receiver. Ball Foot offset: Approx .600" Adjustment range (measured on C/L of receiver shank) + 2" & -7" - Range 9" overall Shock absorption: bi-directional limited throw shock suppression. In-Receiver movement range: Approx .300" /~.505" at extreme limits. Hitch pin: Non-proprietary, standard .625" keyed pin supplied. Other industry-standard pins may be used. Coating & Finish: Gloss black, marine-type powder coating. Care & Cleaning - Wash with mild soap & water - lubricate draw shank per installation instruction. Finish may be waxed with conventional auto waxes. Storage: Store in dry location when not in use. Country of Manufacture: U.S.A. - 100% (excluding supplied balls - C.O.A. - other)

Electrical Specs:

Cabling: To vehicle: Standard 7-round male plug. From Trailer: Standard 7-round female receptacle. Processor: Embedded SOC 32-bit 32mhz microprocessor, elastomer potted for moisture protection - permanently mounted. Power-up time: <120ms Sampling time: < 150ms Brake Ramp-Up time (software limited): <100ms Brake Ramp-Down time (software limited): <100ms Current load thresholds: Sustained: 5A, Intermediate: 10A, Peak: 20A Controller Country of Mfg: U.S.A.

Electrical (usage) Requirements:

Vehicle: 7-round plug must be fully enabled, including the break-away/charge circuit. (charge circuit should be verified BEFORE Intelli-Hitch installation.) Trailer: Standard implementations of 12V electric brakes for single or dual-axle trailers w/ 7-round plug.

Whats included:

Hitch Frame with embedded suspension, electronics (brake controller), & cables (1) - Draw-shank receiver pin & clip (2) - Ball feet (ball mounts) (2) - Ball-foot mounting pins w/ clips (2) - Hitch Balls of 2" & 2-5/16'


Works Better & Stops Faster

Intelli-Hitch incorporates our proprietary “in-hitch trailer brake controller” with a sturdy Class IV drop hitch. Intelli-Hitch constantly monitors the motion between the trailer and tow vehicle, applying exact proportional braking to the trailer. Intelli-Hitch's microprocessor reads, reacts and provides exact braking in less than a nano-second. It's pretty remarkable and it's also the highest performing/safest brake controller on the market.


Reverse With Ease

Where surge brakes fail in reverse, the Intelli-Hitch really shines. Our reversing algorithms allow for a first in proportional braking during backing; a “Descend Assist” program helps in holding the trailer steady when backing down a slope such as a boat ramp. Intelli-Hitch simply works, no adjusting, no settings, just plug and play.


Unique & Portable

Like conventional receiver hitches, Intelli-Hitch can be installed in just seconds, then at any time, moved to another vehicle. Unlike any other hitch, the braking system (brake controller) is actually embedded into the hitch frame so moving the Intelli-Hitch then takes the brake controls with it. This feature makes Intelli-Hitch the only portable comprehensive trailer brake control in the industry! Not only is it the best brake controller in the industry but it's everything you need to tow... All in one.


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